Hi! I'm Elizabeth.

I’m a graphic designer from California who recently relocated to Phoenix, AZ. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Arts and Sciences with an emphasis in Graphic Design from San Diego State University. In my senior year at SDSU, I also started my first design job at Aztec Shops, a non-profit partner of the university. When I'm not working as an in-house graphic designer, I get creative with freelance work, side projects and experimenting with hand-drawn patterns.  

I live a creatively fulfilled life by making time for doing what I love. No matter the medium, my colorful style aims to brighten your day. I’m particularly inspired by nature, storytelling, and past decades—especially mid-century modern art and design. While I enjoy creating vibrant designs, my favorite genres are a bit darker: I love mystery, horror and film noir. I’m an avid podcast listener and want to learn everything I can about the world. 

I am always looking for new projects, so please reach out if you are interested in working together. You can email me at brozek.elizabeth@gmail.com or use the link below. I look forward to hearing from you!

Download my resume here.